Interested In Creating an Online Store?

Looking for a way to get Gear out to Fans, Supporters, Employees and Group Members? Omni-Ink provides online stores at no cost!

Online Stores and Fundraisers are an Awesome tool for Group Ordering

Omni-Ink runs online stores for groups, schools causes, and businesses! Everyone can purchase exactly what they want.

We’ll work with you to set a sales goal, product pricing, and a timeframe to run your sale. You can elect to have all orders mailed directly to the consumer or you may pick up and distribute the orders yourself to avoid any shipping costs.

Timeline for Online Stores

We recommend the web store be available for sales for 2 weeks. Omni-Ink needs about 2 weeks from the end of sales to fulfill all the orders. All online store or fundraiser sales are made to order after the sale has ended. 

Promoting Your Store

To get the most out of your online store, we recommend that you get the word out as far and wide as possible: post on social media, add web store links to your website, make flyers and call your friends and family. Do whatever it takes to get those sales rolling in! We will even help with this!

After Completion of a Fundraiser Store

When the fundraiser sale ends, we’ll calculate how many items were sold, determine how much funding was raised, and Omni-Ink will cut a check for the amount earned.

It’s just that simple!

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